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The development history of Jeans

The origin and history of jeans manufacturer

The inventor of jeans is Levi Strauss. In 1829, Levi was born in a family of clerks in Germany. In 1850, he went to San Francisco to pan for gold. He found that selling daily necessities was more profitable than panning for gold, so Levi opened a shop in the gold panning area. Daily necessities store. Once, he went out to purchase a lot of goods, including daily necessities and a large amount of canvas for making tents. The daily necessities were snapped up by the gold diggers before disembarking, but no one cared about the canvas. Only then did Li Wei realize that once the gold diggers had tents, they seldom replaced them. These canvases were hard to sell.

Li Wei was extremely depressed, and soon a gold digger told him that the living conditions of the gold diggers were harsh, and cotton trousers were easily worn out. It would be nice if there were tent-like hard and wear-resistant trousers. One word awakened the dreamer, so Levi made durable and fashionable work pants out of thick canvas. It was called “”Levi’s overalls”” by the workers at that time.

In 1853, Levi improved the fabric of the trousers and replaced the coarse canvas with denim, making the world’s first pair of jeans. Jeans became strong and supple, popular with gold diggers, spread across the United States from San Francisco, and were designated as uniform trousers by the U.S. Army during the war. Since then, the style and fabric of jeans have been continuously improved and become a fashion symbol, which is still popular all over the world.

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Custom Jeans history and jeans manufacturer culture

In people’s minds, classic jeans should look like this: indigo blue, pure cotton twill, tight hips, mid-low waist and short crotch design, slightly smaller trouser legs, button buttons, topstitching, patch pockets, nail tags and other decorations. However, the earliest jeans were not what people imagined. The originator of jeans – Levi’s, the 501 jeans it launched can be said to be classic jeans. Let’s take a look back at the transformation of jeans from birth to classic with its development process:

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1855 – The first jeans had only one back pocket and no Yorkie.

1872–Initiated metal rivets to reinforce the stress-bearing parts of jeans.

1873 – Jeans changed from gray to indigo. Double arch stitching in orange on the back pockets.

1886 – Changed the pattern of the lower back sign from a dwarf to two horses. 1890 – Added a fob and rear york.

1893 – Whitcomb Jobson invented the zipper.

1905 – With the addition of a second back pocket, the five-pocket style of jeans is now fixed.

1922 – A belt loop was added to the trouser waist.

1926 – Lee company produced the world’s first zipper jeans.

1937 – The rivets of the back pocket are hidden inside.

“””1941 – The rivets on the lower front of the jeans were removed. The back waist bow and watch pocket rivets were removed during World War II, while the double arch stitching on the back pockets was replaced by a printed similar graphic. A laurel leaf instead The logo “”L.S.&Co.S.F.Cal.”” on the button.

1947 – The arched stitch reappears.

1950 – In order to follow the fashion trend, the trousers are cut into a slimmer style.

1955 – Started producing 501 jeans with zippers.

1959 – Developed pre-shrunk jeans.

1966 – The corners of the back pockets are fixed with bar-shaped short stitches instead of rivets.

1971–The red sign changed from Xiang “”LEVI`S”” to Jie “”Levi`s””.

1983–Due to the improvement of loom technology, the width of the door was widened, and the red trousers disappeared. In the 1990s, the rapid development of science and technology has greatly improved the craftsmanship of making jeans, and the accumulation of time has allowed jeans to obtain today’s perfect structure.


The exact date of the birth of jeans is May 20, 1873. On this day, the Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent for overalls to two immigrants, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. These labor pants are made of a material called “”denim”” that has been reinforced during sewing and has new brass buttons on the pockets and doors.

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The idea came from Nevada tailor Davis. And Davis is a customer of Strauss. Strauss was the owner of a haberdashery at the time. With this new trouser style, Strauss hoped to satisfy the demands of gold miners, who often complained that the pockets of the trousers could not hold the gold particles they packed inside.

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The “”stuff-holding”” pants were so popular that they soon had to be patented, but Davis was short of $62 to realize his dream. After Davis encountered difficulties, he came to Strauss’ house for help, and the shrewd businessman Levi Strauss gave him the money without saying a word. Because he knew, as Davies had assured him, that the two of them would make a lot of money because of the enormous economic potential of the new overalls.

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And no matter how shrewd these two businessmen are, they never imagined that their future income would be so much. Not only that, but over time, the garments they devised ceased to be worn by menial workers, and it began to spread to other places, and eventually people all over the world wore them. It is worn by shepherds, workers, students, wealthy entrepreneurs, athletes, artists and members of the royal family.

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While jeans manufacturer are constantly being introduced, washed jeans, patched jeans, frayed jeans and all kinds of denim tops can be seen everywhere in the market and on the high street. Denim clothing generally has a strong, rugged and energetic feeling. Suitable for both work and leisure.

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Although custom jeans has been popular for many years in the United States and European countries, today denim clothing is still a favored choice for many people in other parts of the world. According to experts, with the development of economic globalization, the status of custom jeans in world trade will continue to last for a long time.

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