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How to custom perfect jeans fit for your stores – There are so many different ieans size measurements and fits you need to know
Jeans can be classified base on different characteristics. According to the degree offitting, jeans can be divided into: Skinny,
Slim, Regular, Oversized.According to the rise height, jeans can be divided into: High waist, Mid waist and Low waist. When producing different type of jeans fit, the choice of fabrics is also very particular. Stretch denim for a better fit and accentuates the
shape oflegs and hips. Therefore, stretch fabrics are often used to make jeans that are skinny and slim. Non-stretch denim fabric
is more durable and is often used to make denim shorts and jackets.

Choose Fabric

Select different denim fabric
for proper fits and styles, be-
cause material have different

Measure Jeans

Find a pair of jeans you love
and measure the size and
make a size chart to confirm
jeans fit.


Cut and sew may also affect
jeans fit, it must be produced
strictly according to the pat-


Control water temperature
during washing, because it can
make jeans fit change

Enrich Your Denim Collections

To enrich your brand collection and create styles that are truly unique, Unite-Jeans is able to make all types of jeans fit according to your preference. With wide range offits available from skinny to oversized, we can create unique denim styles using different vashes and finishing options. Browse our made-to-order items and find some styles vou love or want to make it even unigue?Here, Unite-Jeans can help.
We will offers complete solution for different customize jeans needs. We can design your own jeans in any fits, colors, another tyles according to your size measurements. With our extensive industry experience, we are fully capable of achieving your de-sired denim look. The quality ofour products is guaranteed, and each of our products will pass the guality inspection of our QC department. 

Skinny Fit

Skinny jeans are more close-fit- ting, and they look slender and slim when worn.

Oversized Fit

Women's baggy jeans can create an incredible look when styled right.

Slim Fit

Slim jeans is a little thinner than ordinary straight leg pants, they show the shape of body better.

Flared Jeans Fit

Flared jeans have a bell bottom they are also divided into large horn type and small horn type.

Mom Fit

Mom jeans are relatively high-waisted and loose-fitting eans compared to skinny jeans

Plus Size Jeans

Shopping for cute plus size denim will never be hard, as Unite-Jeans is here to help.

Jeans Size Measurement

As we all know fit is most important thing in jeans production, jeans fit is wrong, it can mess up a good design. When manufacturing jeans, the first step is to confirm jeans size measurement. You can find a pair of jeans which is the kind of fit you are keer on, and then take al the measurements and write it down, To make sure the ieans fit perfectlv, vou can trv it on and feel it ther make slight adiustments to the figure accordingly. Small differences in size, fabric, fit, treatment and many other factors can cause two pairs ofieans to look verv different on bodv What cetermines the fit ot ieans – jeans measurements are the key to control the fit on Jeans. Usually we only need to measure waist, hip, thigh, knee, leg openning, length, front rise and back rise to confirm the fit of pants.After confirming a base size, the designer will grade other sizes logically. When making custom jeans, designers will first ask for a size chart to confirm jeans fit and make pattern. lt showes how we measure a pair of jeans below.

How to measure waist for jeans?

When taking jeans measurements, keep jeans always
relax and lay on a flat surface. Measure jeans waist
straight across waist band from one side to the other.
Now you get the figure of 1/2 waist size

How to measure hips on jeans?

Measure jeans hip width from one edge to the other at 3
inches up from crotch and measure in v shape.                                              Remember it is just 1/2 hip width and the full width are doubled

How to measure thigh on jeans?

Measure thigh at the crotch where leg starts, measure in a
straight line from the edge of the pants one side to the
other side. And some designer measure jeans thigh at 1
inch down from crotch, mention the way how you mea
sure on jeans size chart is very important

How to measure knee on jeans?

Measure the width of knee at 13 inches down from crotch,then use a rular measure across jeans leg from one edge
to the other edge. Measuring this too high or too low will result in a different jeans fit.

How to measure leg opening on jeans?

The leg opening is the measurement across the hem. We
measure leg open at edge of bottom. lt combines with
knee measurement will determine the shape of leg.

How to measure rise on jeans?

Jeans rise is from the crotch to the top ofthe waistband
Each jeans has a front rise and a back rise. We measure
rises from crotch to wasit band including wasit band
height. The rise is important because it determines the
height of waist.

How to measure jeans length?

There are 2 ways to tell jeans length – the inseam and out-
seam. Measure inseam from crotch to the bottom. Mea
sure outseam from side waist band to the bottom.

Following this steps, you will have a clear idea on how to measure jeans, and you will be able to design any fit of jeans. lf you have any gquestions about jeans measurements or custom jeans service, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to serve you.

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